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Our financial tools provide you a complete picture of your financial life. Our dedicated advisers give you personal and technology-enhanced guidance with total transparency into your wealth.
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AFA links your Cashflow, Investments, Risk Protection & Retirement, as well as credit accounts such as a mortgage, home equity and credit cards.
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Empowering you
Want to plan for retirement? Need to know the best way to cope with your mortgage? Or planning for a child or wedding? Our team our are here to help.
Who we are
Australian Financial Advisers (AFA) is a group of leading finance professionals dedicated to helping Australians secure their future and achieve their goals.
Our story
Supporting Australians for over thirty years.
Founded in 1986, Australian Financial Advisers (AFA) is one of Australia’s leading financial services providers.
Financial Planning
Rethink your approach to managing money.
No matter what situation you’re in, a financial adviser can make a big difference to the life you lead – and your future. At AFA, our advisers have the knowledge and technology to give you a complete picture of your finances, and put you in the driver’s seat. Whether you want to grow your net worth, learn to invest, or set yourself up for a dream retirement, it’s easier with an AFA adviser by your side.
Simplify your strategy
Why bring your finances together?
AFA’s approach involves looking at all the different aspects of your finances and combining them into one simple strategy. Instead of looking at things like credit cards, investments, super and mortgages separately, we bring all these figures together to help you understand your overall position – in others words, your net worth.

Your money personality

Everyone has different attitudes towards money, which are shaped over time by your experiences and influences. This ‘money personality’ plays a big part in how you manage your finances – and the strategy that will work best for you. What’s your money personality type?

Get smart

Once you understand your money personality type and the stage you’re at, we can help you learn more about financial matters you might need to consider. Whether it’s buying a house or planning retirement, it never hurts to understand what you’re dealing with.

What stage are you at?

Our financial needs change drastically as we go through different life stages. By taking a look at what’s happening in your world, you can formulate a financial plan that will cover all the essentials – and set you up for the future.
What happens now?
Time to start planning.
Once you’ve followed the first few steps, you’ll have learned a lot about your money mindset,and helped us gather some useful insights into your financial situation. The next step? To get in touch with an AFA adviser to formulate your personalised plan, using this info as a basis.