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Australian Financial Advisers (AFA) is a group of leading finance professionals dedicated to helping Australians secure their future and achieve their goals.
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Supporting Australians for over thirty years.
Founded in 1986, Australian Financial Advisers (AFA) is one of Australia’s leading financial services providers.


Q. Who is AFA?

Australian Financial Advisers (AFA) is a group of leading finance professionals dedicated to helping Australians secure their future and achieve their goals. AFA originated in Darwin in 1986, and now also has offices in NSW and QLD.

Q. What experience can I expect when dealing with AFA?

At AFA, our priority is to understand your financial situation, goals and objectives. From there, we use our proven methodology to help keep you on track, and secure the future you want.

At every step of the way you can expect exceptional client service, and no judgement or expectations. We work with people from all walks of life, and we’ll ensure you’re in the driver’s seat whatever your situation.

Q. What’s the AFA advice process?

When you work with us, you’ll be guided through a five step process.

Step 1: We work to understand your current situation, needs and goals.

Step 2: We empower you with the tools and knowledge to take charge of your financial future, through our ‘Principles of Wealth Creation’ program.

Step 3: We formulate and present a plan to help you achieve your dream lifestyle based on your current situation.

Step 4: Once we have agreed on your plan, we help you put it into action – making sure you understand what to do (and when).

Step 5: We continue to monitor and review your financial progress to ensure you stay on track.

Q. How experienced are AFA’s advisers?

All AFA advisers are fully accredited and have a wealth of experience in the financial services industry. We have a network of advisers in NSW, QLD and NT.

Q. What is AFA’s wealth creation philosophy?

We recommend long-term, stable investments, not short-term risky stocks. Working together with our clients, we carefully craft investment strategies that build and preserve wealth now and in retirement.

Q. How does AFA charge clients?

AFA has a transparent ‘fee for advice’ model. This means we can provide unbiased recommendations that are suited to your needs. Our advisers clearly outline their fees before any services are performed – and if any commission comes from the products we recommend, we direct this back to our clients.