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Australian Financial Advisers (AFA) is a group of leading finance professionals dedicated to helping Australians secure their future and achieve their goals.
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Supporting Australians for over thirty years.
Founded in 1986, Australian Financial Advisers (AFA) is one of Australia’s leading financial services providers.

Our Story

Founded in 1986, Australian Financial Advisers (AFA) is one of Australia’s leading financial services providers. With offices in most states and territories, our business has a strong national presence – and we’re known for our holistic, down-to-earth approach.

At AFA, we’re committed to helping everyday Australians achieve their financial objectives – an ethos that has distinguished us from our competitors, and earned us the trust of thousands of clients. We also have a reputation for innovation and quality service, and pride ourselves on supporting clients at all ages and stages of life.

Most of our advisers have over 20 years’ experience in their respective fields, and provide expertise in everything from finance to law, economics, education, construction and property management.

Whether you’re just starting out on your working career, having children, consolidating your assets or planning for your retirement, we are there with you.

‘The best is still ahead of us, for there are no boundaries to what we can achieve. Right now is where our future begins’

– Paul Betti, Founder AFA.

AFA founder and certified financial planner, Paul Betti has been responsible for growing AFA into the national business it is today. With thirty years of diverse experience, Paul saw the opportunity to expand AFA’s offering to cover his clients’ complete financial needs. Now, AFA has evolved into a holistic business encompassing a range of financial services from insurance and mortgage broking to salary packaging. While he’s a financial adviser at heart, Paul’s true passion is building strategic alliances – and sharing the rewards with business partners and clients alike.

‘AFA gave me the financial “tool kit” to achieve both my personal and financial goals. Now I know I am on track and living the life I want.’

Adam, Brisbane.

‘Thanks to AFA, I now know that I have secured the lifestyle I want for my family and we can maintain and protect this for the rest of my life.’

Conner, Darwin.